UEFA responsible for Paris Debacle

Parliament has been dissolved until after the general election and I am no longer an MP.

14 Feb 2023
The UEFA panel report into the shambolic events in Paris last Summer provides further proof of what we already knew – the blame for the chaos which unfolded lies firmly with UEFA and the French authorities and not the supporters.
Its further evidence that there is a culture throughout the football establishment of rushing to blame supporters whenever their planning of events goes wrong, with supporters forced to pay thousands of pounds every year  for the privilege. I highly doubt whether the those in charge of any other form of entertainment would get away with treating their consumers with such contempt. Football fans deserve much better and that has to start now.
 I pay tribute to all of those people who did so much to highlight the truth about Paris – allies in the media, both mainstream and fan owned, my colleagues inside and outside of Parliament, Spirit of Shankly and, of course, the very many ordinary fans who conducted themselves with such dignity in the face of disgraceful smears.
My words will not heal the physical and psychological wounds of the people who suffered on that night, nor make up for having the memory of what should have been an experience of a lifetime permanently tarnished, but I will continue to be your ally in the fight to secure accountability, reparations and, most importantly, ensuring nothing like this ever happens again.