Retained EU Law Bill

Parliament has been dissolved until after the general election and I am no longer an MP.

19 Jan 2023
An incredible amount of constituents have contacted me in recent days to express their concern over the Government's intentions regarding the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill.
I want to start by thanking those constituents have taken the time to write to me about this hugely important issue. I take votes on such matters extremely seriously as it goes to the heart of our democracy and who has the power - Parliament as representatives of the people or Government ministers without little accountability. The press was reporting on cross-party efforts to guarantee and protect parliamentary sovereignty throughout this process. When it comes to hugely important legal protections that relate to the everyday lives of the British people, like workers' rights, it cannot be right they can be abolished on the whim by any given Government minister from any political persuasion - now or in the future. 
My role as your political representative is to elevate your voice in Westminster. The very best way I can do this is to vote to ensure parliamentary oversight in the coming period. I did so. This cross-party amendment would have required the Government to list all the laws they wish to take control of, keep or automatically revoke so that there is transparency throughout. Sadly, the Government with their sizeable majority were able to defeat the amendment.
Once again, to the many constituents who have been in touch, thank you for reaching out. I hope my position on the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill is clear.