Paula supports striking workers

Parliament has been dissolved until after the general election and I am no longer an MP.

Paula supports striking workers
02 Aug 2022
It has been a real privilege to support brave workers taking industrial action across my constituency and our city in recent weeks. Our people find themselves at the sharp end of the cost-of-living crisis as inflationary pressures really begin to bite. No one should be forced to accept below inflation pay rises that amount to real term cuts to their living standards.
Trade unions don’t just fight on behalf of their members but everyone who must go to work for a wage. Most people across our communities in south Liverpool want the basics in life – a wage they can live on, a decent home where they can raise a family if they so wish, a good education for their children and the ability to retire in dignity. That basic contract guaranteeing human dignity and happiness has broken down in recent decades.
My solidarity for working people taking on greedy bosses is unwavering, and my full support goes to the members of the RMT, TSSA and ASLEF across the rail sector; Unite and the GMB on our buses and CWU members who are on strike across Royal Mail as well as BT Group.