Paula on the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Parliament has been dissolved until after the general election and I am no longer an MP.

Paula on the Cost-of-Living Crisis
18 Oct 2022
The cost-of-living crisis is causing a great deal of anxiety for many people across my Liverpool Wavertree constituency. Through my surgeries, the work my office does day in and day out and the foodbank we run in Wavertree, I know first-hand that our people are at the sharp end of an economic crisis not of their own making. I know many are struggling that have never previously struggled before and the run up to the festive period will undoubtedly be an anxious one for all communities across south Liverpool.
My office is always on hand to help guide and support people where we can – not least when they fall on hard times. We cannot always provide the solutions, but I guarantee we will always seek to get you the best support from the range of agencies and charities that exist across our city. Despite the despair and anguish of the last three years, I know that when the chips are down in Liverpool our abiding qualities of compassion, empathy and solidarity come to the fore and now is no different.
We will see better days, of that, I am sure. As your Member of Parliament, my task of representing you in Parliament is to speak up for up for the issues that matter to you, your family, and your wider community.
The fundamental building blocks to a life well lived are all that we ask – a job that pays a wage you can live on; a safe and warm home; public services like the NHS that remain owned by us and ran in our interest; the ability to raise children if you so wish and safe in the knowledge you can retire at a age where you can enjoy life with dignity and in security. It feels to me that those building blocks have been hacked at during the past decade and more. For the time I am your MP, I remain determined in always focussing on your concerns, worries and your aspirations - for yourself and your loved ones.
Take care during the coming weeks. I take my mantra of ‘working for Wavertree’ into everything I do as your MP and in Westminster. My constituency that covers the communities of Wavertree, Childwall, Picton, Church, Old Swan and Kensington & Fairfield, is always at the forefront of my mind.